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Jamaica Weddings & Honeymoons

Sugar-soft sand beaches, lush rainforests, and friendly locals make Jamaica destinations a one-of-a-kind Caribbean gem.

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As the third largest Caribbean island, Jamaica is home to nearly 2.6 million people and almost 700 miles of white and gold-sand coastlines. Known worldwide for their friendly locals, laidback spirit, and beautiful beaches, Jamaica is a passionate and lively island. Whether you want to tour a rum or coffee farm, visit Bob Marley’s hometown or snorkel on a secluded white-sand beach, weddings in Jamaica give you something romantic, adventurous, and playful to mark off any travel bucket list.

Our collection of preferred hotels and resorts showcase the great diversity of Jamaica wedding packages. If you are looking for a fast-paced and amenity-filled getaway, Montego Bay is Jamaica’s iconic tourist hub, with supple white-sand beaches and lively nightlife. Or, try Ocho Rios, a bustling resort port with excursions ranging from waterfall climbing to rainforest zip lining. Off the beaten-path in the farm and fishing towns of the southwestern coast, Negril and Treasure Beach are quiet and authentic Jamaican communities with battered limestone cliffs that drop dramatically into the sea. Here, you will find secluded coves, preserved beaches and lush rainforest perfect for a romantic retreat. In short, Jamaica wedding venues provide enough possibilities to surprise even the most seasoned travelers with its flavorful options and endless heart.

Jamaica’s well-known hotspot has beautiful beaches, friendly locals, and unforgettable nightlife.

Though Montego Bay is Jamaica’s second largest city, it’s the country’s most iconic region. A wedding in Montego Bay, on the northwest corner of the island, in a resort town that has sugary white sand beaches, a lively downtown, and memorable nightlife. This strip of beaches and resorts caters to travelers, so you can expect great amenities both on the water and on land, ranging from excellent golfing to river rafting on unique bamboo rafts. Shopping in Montego Bay is a one-of-a-kind experience, whether you want to browse the bustling Gloucester Avenue or search for duty-free jewelry in Half Moon Shopping Village.

Dramatic and rugged cliffs and the famed Seven Mile Beach give Negril some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines.

Hooking along Jamaica’s western coast, Negril is home to some of the world’s most dramatic and striking coastlines. At the Negril Cliffs (where James Bond has filmed), brightly-colored Caribbean water crashes into the limestone formations and beachgoers dive into the waves below. Negril’s Seven Mile Beach is consistently rated one of the world’s best and is home to some of the best sunsets in the Caribbean. Snorkeling, diving, swimming, and sunbathing are all popular in Negril, and adding to its charm, the area has remained relatively underdeveloped, making beach weddings in Negril, Jamaica such an authentic experience.

This former fishing port has breathtaking waterfalls, rocky gorges, and vibrant nightlife.

Destination weddings in Jamaica at Ocho Rios provide a unique vacation experience. Translating to “eight rivers” in Spanish, Ocho Rios is actually a misnomer. The name was likely a British mix-up, as this former fishing village is better known for its stunning waterfalls. Dunn’s River Falls is one of Jamaica’s most photographed landmarks, with a natural set of cascading “stairs” that travelers climb with the help of tour guides. The falls pool into the Caribbean Sea on the western end of the village on an iconic white sand beach. Aside from its waterfalls, this resort town is also a popular tourist stop for cruise lines, meaning there is plenty of night life.


Off the beaten tourist path, Runaway Bay has quiet, preserved beaches and amenity-filled resorts.

About 10 miles west of Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s northern coast, Runaway Bay is known for its lavish all-inclusive resorts and beautiful Caribbean beaches. If you’re looking to hole up at a beachside resort, sip tropical drinks and unwind, Runaway Bay is a great option. The area has great golfing, pampering spas, and a number of water sports to choose from. Snorkeling is a popular excursion, as are the nearby Green Grotto Caves. Or, just hang at one of the many beautiful gold and white sand beaches and enjoy the warm Caribbean waters, perfect for swimming or relaxing.

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