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Hawaii Weddings & Honeymoons

Formed from volcanic eruptions, Hawaiian weddings on the Aloha islands set the bar high with endlessly diverse surf and snorkel beaches, dramatic sunsets and pristine rainforests.

Explore the diversity of the Hawaiian Islands

Few experiences on earth are more evocative of romance and tropical luxury than Hawaii weddings and honeymoons. Formed from under-sea volcanoes, this Pacific island chain is geographically diverse and breathtaking, covering all but two of the world’s climate zones. Hawaii has jagged mountain spires, active volcanoes, rural farmland, lush waterfalls and sweeping canyons. But of course, it’s not just the land that makes Hawaii special. The beaches here are on a logic-defying color wheel, with a palette of jet black, green, gold, red, and stark white hues painting the many coves and inlets. Whether you want to learn to surf for the first time in Waikiki or escape to a wild volcanic shore in Kauai, honeymoons in Hawaii will exceed your imagination and expectations.

There are endless ways to explore the natural beauty of the islands during your Hawaii wedding. Surfing, snorkeling, kayaking, or simply sunbathing along Hawaii’s stunning coastline is a beach lover’s dream. Further inland, there are dozens of state parks that range from active lava fields to verdant, rolling forests for a more active trip. Or, simply hole up at a resort to enjoy golfing, dining, shopping, and spas. However you choose to spend your time, our Hawaii wedding packages ensure a romantic getaway unlike any other.

The Big Island of Hawaii is a lush playground for nature lovers and adventurers.

Home to all but two of the world’s climate zones, the Big Island weddings on Hawaii provide a landscape as breathtaking as it is diverse. Lava fields give way to lush jungle, which turn into jagged mountains and black sand beaches. Long considered a haven for eco-enthusiasts, Big Island wedding venues give travelers endless trails that meander along waterfalls, beaches, and state parks. The famed Volcanoes National Park lets you witness the primal force of the Kilauea Volcano. Because of the constant volcanic churning, the rest of the Big Island enjoys jet black beaches and unique coves and inlets that are romantic and unusual. Learn More >>

Pristine and preserved land makes Kauai feel romantic and unspoiled.

Kauai has aged well as Hawaii’s oldest island, with hundreds of years of practice perfecting jagged mountain spires, lush valleys, and dramatic rivers and waterfalls. Known for its impressive cliffs, canyons, and rainforests, Kauai weddings give you access to the least commercially developed of the Hawaiian Islands, meaning there are miles of pristine land to explore. Whether you snorkel on a remote beach or hike to a scenic overlook, there’s endless natural beauty to view. The NaPali Coast is perfect for a scenic drive or boat tour, while the Wailua River has beautiful grottos and waterfalls to visit on canoe or kayak. Wherever your interests lay, our Kauai wedding packages provide a gateway to adventure. Learn More >>

Experience the magic of Honolulu in Hawaii’s cultural center.

The most developed of the islands, Oahu is the cultural heart of Hawaii. For travelers who are not content to simply hole up at a resort town with a tropical drink, our Oahu wedding packages a welcome reprieve from the worn tourist route. This bustling island epitomizes modern Hawaii, with melting-pot cities, rural towns, and stunning coastlines. Honolulu, the state’s capital city, has interesting sites and interested people, making for a unique, off-the-grid experience. Still, the world famous beaches at Waikiki are never far off and remind you of what makes weddings in Oahu so popular in the first place. Learn More >>

World-renowned golf courses and resorts make their home on this secluded, rugged island.

A former private pineapple plantation, Lana’i is an intriguing paradox. The island doesn’t have a single traffic light, but is home to two championship-level golf courses. There are only 30 miles of paved road and one village. It’s perhaps this marriage of rugged, authentic Hawaii and the luxury and seclusion of its resorts that makes Lanai weddings such a well-kept secret. Whether you want to traverse the windswept, otherworldly interior of the island or visit the iconic Sweetheart rock in Hulopoe Bay, our Lanai wedding packages hold the promise of intimacy and seclusion steeped in beauty. Learn More >>

Surf’s up in one of Hawaii’s most iconic, picture-perfect beach communities.

Home to the majority of Oahu’s resorts, this playful neighborhood was once a getaway for Hawaiian royalty. Today, the south shore of Honolulu hosts over 4 million visitors a year to its famous, surf-friendly beaches. If you have ever wanted to try a surf lesson, our Waikiki wedding packages offer the perfect opportunity to learn with calm, gentle waters. Or, try body surfing or a canoe surfing excursion with a guide. After a day on the water, head to Kalakua Avenue for a lively blend of restaurants, shops, and luaus. Learn More >>

World-famous beaches and spotless amenities consistently make Maui one of the highest-rated Hawaiian Islands.

Perhaps no other island is as evocative of Hawaii as Maui, and it is for good reason that Maui weddings are so popular. The second largest of the Hawaiian Islands, our Maui wedding packages give you access to the gold-standard for stunning beaches. On the western (or leeward) side, you will find numberless (and world famous) beaches, with sand that ranges from volcanic black and green to smooth and supple white and gold. Further east and inland, the mind-boggling Road to Hana is one of the world’s most scenic drives with 620 curves and 59 bridges. In between the two is a canvas covered in waterfalls, lush forest, and national park waiting to be explored. Learn More >>

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