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Destination Wedding FAQs

You've got questions; we've got answers.

destination wedding planningWhat is a destination wedding?

A destination wedding takes place at an amazing destination away from home. Our clients get married all over the world — in stunning locales like the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and Europe. Destination weddings can be intimate (just the two of you), limited to close family and friends, or an epic affair. The most popular reason to wed away is that destination wedding planning is much easier and less stressful than planning a wedding at home.

What are the benefits of a destination wedding?

There are many reasons couples are deciding to nix traditional weddings. Destination weddings allow couples to extend their celebration from a few hours to a few days, while creating a lifetime of memories. Because they are often more intimate, they are more affordable and destination wedding planning is low stress.

Is a destination wedding right for us and our guests?

If you’re thinking of planning a destination wedding, it’s important that your closest friends and family members can attend. Before you begin planning a destination wedding, we advise you to run the idea by your loved ones. If there are relatives who you know you want present but would be unable to attend your destination wedding, you could choose an intimate destination wedding and an additional reception at home. Additionally, choosing the right destination may also affect who can attend. If your destination is particularly remote or expensive, fewer guests may choose to attend. Make sure to consider your guest list when selecting a wedding location.

How do I ensure my guests can attend our destination wedding?

The best way to help ensure that your guests can afford to attend your destination wedding is to plan in advance. As a result, they will have plenty of time to plan and budget accordingly. It’s also important while destination wedding planning to consider the resort, destination, and time of year. For example, if you live in Florida, a Caribbean wedding will likely be more accessible and affordable for your guests than one in Hawaii. If you live on the west coast, Mexico may be a great option. We have partnerships with hotels and resorts around the globe that work with budgets of all sizes, and we have an easy payment plan to help spread out payments.

How far in advance should I be destination wedding planning?

destination wedding planningWhile a year or more is ideal, we have worked with couples that have planned gorgeous weddings with only a few months (or days!) to spare. If you do have time to plan further in advance, we advise couples to start sooner rather than later, particularly with large groups.

What are the legal requirements?

Every country has different legal requirements for weddings. Most require some form of ID (like your passports and birth certificates) and a marriage license application. Our Destination Wedding Specialists are happy to help you work through the legalities.

How much will this cost? A billion dollars?!

You may want to sit down for this: a destination wedding planning tends to be more affordable than planning a wedding at home. Think we’ve lost our minds? According to The Knot, the average price tag for a wedding at home in 2016 was over $35,000 – and that’s before you plan a honeymoon. Our clients are usually paying less than half of that.

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