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No matter when you’re ready to say, “I do,” it’s indisputable that weddings are often expensive, high stress, and elaborate affairs. Until you begin the planning process yourself, you may not realize how quickly everything adds up. Because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, you are paying a hefty sum for items, goods and services that you will only use for a day. Between your wedding dress, hall rental, DJ/band, flowers, decorations, catering, bar, lighting and dozens of other must haves, it’s easy to see how the average wedding costs about $32,000.

You don’t want to cut corners on your big day, but you also want to save some of that cash to put toward a home, travel or (gasp!) savings. So how can you still have the wedding of your dreams, but also still conserve your cash? The answer may surprise you: plan a destination wedding!

Just because your big day will be held on a beach, at a resort or in your favorite town doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank in the process. The average cost of a destination wedding is approximately $25,000, a significant savings when compared to tying the knot at home. This includes the cost of a honeymoon, which is often not included in the cost of an at-home wedding.

How can it be possible that a dreamy, tropical location could cost less than a traditional banquet facility in your hometown? Here are the factors:

1. It Will Be More Intimate

Destination weddings are not usually meant to be massive events. It is unlikely that your Great Aunt Frieda, twice removed, will be jumping at the cost of attending your wedding. However, close friends and family members will be excited at the chance to spend a vacation with you and your new spouse. Fewer guests means that you’ll be keeping the costs down for food, booze and other incidentals that a 300-seat wedding can’t avoid.

2. Group Booking Incentives Offered by Resorts

Resorts can offer group discounts, especially during off-season. They may be able to offer you and your party a discounted or even free night of accommodations. If you’re promising to fill up 15 rooms, the resort will be more likely to work with you and offer you deals that they can’t provide to just one couple. By working with our travel agency destination wedding specialists, you can compare offers, packages and locations that best suit you and your fiance’s needs and tastes.

3. Everything You Need Is in One Location

Besides bringing your dress (and a swimsuit), you don’t need to leave the resort for any of your wedding needs. The cake, food, bar, seating, decorations and ceremony are all taken care of in one location. Not having to source, buy, set up and stress about all of the details of your wedding is well worth the cost of a plane ticket!

4. It Is Less Stressful

Having a resort wedding coordinator and travel agency handle the majority of major steps leading up to your wedding day provides relief from the stress that most couples face. You may think that taking your friends and family on the road would create additional problems, but it actually takes on a “vacation” vibe that instantly melts stress away.

We often equate beautiful weddings with expensive weddings. We think that if something is stunning, then it must cost a fortune. However, if you can picture yourself on a white, sandy beach, holding hands with your spouse as turquoise waves lap in the distance, know that you can make it a reality without breaking the bank.

Ready to plan your dream wedding?