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Drop out of the tech zone for a carefree honeymoon at one of these blissfully unplugged resorts.

What if you escaped to an exotic location for a day or two — and had the courage to turn it all off? No more texting a friend while having dinner with your sweetheart. No more mindlessly checking emails while the sun sets in kaleidoscopic hues across a cobalt horizon. No more Skyping with your boss when this is supposed to be your vacation.

Unplug and hook up — but not with the outside world — with each other. Do it at a picnic on a beach, in a sailboat or during a couple’s massage, and marvel at the beauty around you sans Instagram filters. These Caribbean dazzlers make it easy to leave those chargers behind.

Jamaica Inn

A family-owned hotel since 1950, the Jamaica Inn has hosted the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Katharine Hepburn, and the Hollywood heyday vibe infiltrates the ambience of this 47-suite, five-cottage hotel like a seductive phantom. But it isn’t all glitz and glamour. At this hideaway, simplicity rules. And you’ll find yourselves realizing that at Jamaica Inn — on a sliver-moon-shaped beach near Ocho Rios — time hardly matters.

jamaica innHere, you’ll find ways to tell time that have nothing to do with train schedules, meeting times and the incessant reminders that bleat from your phone all day long back home. Here, there are no clocks in the room (or radios or televisions). Which means you’ll measure the hours differently — like when the sun sets on the resort’s ocean side and the sky bursts into fuchsia. And you’ll relax into a day without boundaries and appointments (except, perhaps, at the spa).

Here, guests eat when they’re hungry (al fresco is best), sleep at unthinkable times in unusual places (was that you under the palapa?) and dance until the Inner Groove’s reggae tunes end for the evening. One night you’ll want to indulge in a couple’s moonlight massage, a candlelit ritual beneath the stars.

Rendezvous, St. Lucia

The 100-room Rendezvous pulls off the lovey-dovey thing without being trite and treacly. This all-inclusive resort, which hugs St. Lucia’s prettiest beach, advocates amour like no other. With cocktails bearing sexy names, and a spa that caters to couples, the property seems intent on ensuring paramours eschew the hustle and bustle of everyday life to nourish their relationship. Rendezvous sometimes spells it out for you.

st lucia rendezvous

Case in point, the fine dining restaurant called The Trysting Place. The cupid of Caribbean resorts, this hibiscus-and-orchid studded secret garden of a destination, would have pool boys bearing quivers packed with love-fever-soaked arrows — if there were such things. Instead, they act as romance enablers, always setting the stage for courtship and flirtation with bespoke adjustments to their offerings meant to spark your à deux fires. You can dine privately by the pool, on the beach or wherever else your whims take you. A stellar scuba program and the nightly serenade by tree frogs and crickets up the heart-pumping ante.

Four Seasons Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo

Costa Rica is that tricky country that some folks call the Caribbean (since its east coast is lapped by the sparkling sea’s waves), but others consider a Pacific surf destination because, well, it’s also framed by that mighty ocean. And although this pampering resort is located on the Central American country’s Pacific side, we’d be remiss not to mention its fabulously unplugged package for couples.

The Disconnect to Connect program ensures ultimate relaxation in nature the old fashioned way — free from electronics. If you choose to enjoy the complimentary service, the resort will safeguard your phone for 24 hours (or throughout your stay) at the front desk, and return it with a stylish phone cover that features scenes from the posh resort.

Located on two jungle-framed beaches on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, hewed into the hills of the Papagayo Peninsula, Four Seasons Costa Rica at Papagayo Pennisula will also provide a handy guide that features things to do at the resort that don’t require technology, including: stand-up paddle boarding, hiking, yoga, an art program and classes in the craft of chocolate making.

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