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Because wedding planning is the worst... but at least the Twitterverse is there for you.


1) No, but seriously.

2) #Truth! Hopefully you remind yourself often: YOUR wedding, YOUR style. That does not make you a bridezilla.

3) The importance of shoving your registry in your guests’ faces cannot be understated. They can’t be trusted.

4) But, you would be willing to hand over just your firstborn, right?

5) Etsy: where your life savings goes to die. Also, your entire day.

6) Because, for the love of all things holy, there has to be SOME kind of food you can afford!

7) Wedding Dreams: they’re no joke.

8) Wait, they’re supposed to fill out that thing and mail it back with the pre-stamped, pre-addressed envelope?

9) Beach, please.

10) Is there a Life Alert device for this?

11) And there’s still a good chance that they are ALL WRONG.

12) Your brain. It’s fried. Must. Write. Down.

13) You don’t even recognize your own reflection anymore.

14) Honestly.

15) #FirstWorldProblems

16) This would be the best diet, ever.

17) How did people even planning weddings pre-Google?!

18) Perhaps longer.

19) Pffft, make one.


20) The worst. And also, you’re broke so Ruffles will have to do.

21) Just. DON’T.