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We know. The last time you used a travel agent to book a trip was never.

Why would you when you could just jump online and do it yourself? Well, planning a honeymoon is a little more involved than the typical trip. There are flights to book but there are also itineraries to craft, reviews to read, and reservations to be made. Enter the modern day travel agent — that’s us! She’s kind of like the ultimate travel concierge: there to cut through the red tape and help you plan a trip that’s totally amazing in every way.

Consider tapping into us if any of the these sound like you…

1. The idea of planning a honeymoon in the midst of your wedding is so not appealing.

Vacationisms Worldwide Travel honeymoon specialists are like having a wedding planner for your honeymoon. After learning your interests and your honeymoon budget, we’ll draw up a day-by-day itinerary that lists attractions and activities suited to your interests and personalities. We’ll also recommend hotels that we know, from first hand experience, will be everything you have been dreaming of. If the itinerary isn’t quite right, you can always call back to make changes before booking your trip.

2. You don’t have time to read reviews of every hotel and restaurant in the area.

You know what we’re talking about. There are plenty of comprehensive travel review sites out there, but curation is key when you’re crunched for time. Fun fact: we actually visit our favorite destinations regularly to scope out hot restaurants and the newest attractions, which means you can actually look to us for tips about neighborhood eateries, cultural festivals, and guided trips.

3. You want to go somewhere really different on your honeymoon.

Hawaii is nice but you’re thinking of someplace none of your friends have been – like Bora Bora or Venice, (two of the hottest honeymoon spots) and, while friends and magazine articles can provide details about a particular destination, they don’t do as great of a job at providing big-picture insights like a person well-versed on the region can. We cater to honeymooners. Preparing itineraries for once-in-a-lifetime trips is our specialty. We can introduce you to unfamiliar regions, identify emerging hotspots, and compare the pros and cons of similar destinations.

4. Travel and airline websites are beyond stressful.

Digging through flight schedules, comparing unfamiliar hotels and airlines, and signing up for travel alerts? Not so much. Obviously the function of the honeymoon specialist travel agent is to take all of that hoopla off of your hands and to do it for you. That’s exactly what we do here (leaving you more time for tastings and to just enjoy being engaged).

5. There’s no way you’re paying full price for airfare and hotels.

Travel discounts are all over the place but when you’re unfamiliar with a destination, it’s hard to know whether you’re missing better deals. We have the inside scoop so we know whether the deal you’re getting is legit or whether there’s a better one to be had. Our honeymoon specialists can also alert you to seasonal festivals that might bump up hotel prices, and we’re in-the-know when it comes to local businesses, which might offer better deals than larger chains with flashier websites. Plus, shoulder seasons (when prices are lower but the weather’s still nice) are always on our radar.

Ready to plan your dream honeymoon?

Let's make your dreams come true.

Honeymoon Travel Agents Bring Dreams To Life

Vacationisms is a New Hampshire honeymoon travel agency – small enough to care deeply about building personal relationships, and large enough to work with couples across the country. Our honeymoon travel agents combine their drive for personal service and expertise with resort partnerships around the world. As a result, our honeymoon clients are afforded an exclusive and unrivaled one-stop honeymoon travel agent experience. We'll make it easy for you to plan an amazing honeymoon.

The best part?

Our standard honeymoon travel agent services are $0!

Our honeymoon travel agents have worked with hundreds of couples to plan dream honeymoons. Our Honeymoon Specialists will guide you through the honeymoon planning process and coordinate all logistics.

honeymoon travel agent
honeymoon travel agent
honeymoon travel agent
honeymoon travel agent

Our no-fee services include:

  • DESTINATION SELECTION: A consultant will help you find the best honeymoon destination. Whether you’re looking for the most luxurious, most affordable, most popular, most serene or most exotic honeymoon destination, we can help you cut through the noise. From all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean on the best beaches to the most secluded mountain top retreats, we probably have an idea up our sleeve from our first conversation. 
  • HONEYMOON PACKAGE SELECTION: Our honeymoon travel agents can quickly and easily get you all of the details on the best honeymoon packages available. Because we specialize in this area, it’s easy for us to quickly sort through which one is the best value for what you’re looking for – because the “best” is different for everyone. 
  • BEST PRICE GUARANTEE: We literally do this for a living and you can rest assured they we know the in’s and out’s of navigating to the best priced honeymoon package, with the highest value inclusions. Additionally, we have access to exclusive offers that the general public doesn’t.
  • EMERGENCY TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: Should anything happen while traveling, you will be able to reach a representative 24/7 to assist you quickly and easily. No hold times. No call centers. We take our clients personally, so you get us.
honeymoon travel agent

I called on the advice of my sister, after my then-fiancee told me I wasn't allowed to plan by myself. I thought I had saved thousands on our last vacation, but it turns out I had just booked a really crappy resort and as a result, the worst vacation ever. Needless to say, that vacation didn't hold a candle to what our honeymoon travel agent recommended. We had an amazing time and couldn't have done it without her.


El Dorado Seaside Suites, Tulum, Mexico

I can't say enough about how great my honeymoon travel agent was to work with. She helped us plan our dream honeymoon and answered all the questions we had along the way. In addition, she continued to monitor our flight so when it was cancelled due to Hurricane Matthew, she was on the phone and got us booked with a different airline at 10pm on a Friday night. From start to finish, our honeymoon travel agent was there to ensure we had the honeymoon of our dreams. We were so pleased with her services, I recommended my brother to her and she's now booked his honeymoon as well!


Sandals LaSource, Grenada

From the very beginning, our honeymoon travel agent was nothing but personable and professional. She helped me to lock down our honeymoon location after asking a couple of questions. During our travels we ran into a couple of hiccups with delays – she reached out to us (she had been monitoring our flight times from home!) to see if there was anything she could do. After missing our first day of our trip due to flight delays, at our request she booked us an extra night and changed our flights. Sara is more than just a honeymoon travel agent. She took the time to really get to know us and stayed in touch every step of the way. I highly recommend working with Sara on your honeymoon travel details!


Sandals Grande St Lucian, St Lucia

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