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There’s a lot to be said for an all-inclusive destination wedding on a tropical island – but there’s also a ton of misinformation! If you’re weighing your wedding plans right now, it’s a good idea to hop on a call with a destination wedding specialist to cut through some of the noise and get the answers you need.

For now, here are just 5 of the top reasons we love planning all inclusive destination weddings with our clients:

5. No wallets!

Okay, this is slightly misleading. Someone’s gotta pay for something at some point, but you know what we mean. If you’re marrying at an all-inclusive, there’s no lugging that hefty (or not–who are we to judge?) sum around with you to the swim-up bar, casino or snorkeling excursion. Don’t bring it with you to the beach. Don’t bring it with you to dinner. But do bring it with you back home, with all the cash that you came with.

4. Your guests will love you.

This is partially because guests love reason #5, too. But furthermore, it also eliminates that awkward moment at a group event where everyone is scrambling/head-scratching over who is going to pick up the tab. Indeed, my friend, you get to look like the hero every time, even though you STILL haven’t opened said utensil of #5.

3. Better value

Think about it: all-inclusive resorts operate on a bell curve of utility. There will always be guests who don’t take full advantage of the resorts’ offerings, but they pay for it anyway. And there will always be people who use some of the amenities, within reason. What does that leave us with? You, of course, and your guests who insist on top-shelf liquor and wipe the water sport closet clean every afternoon. This approach, by the way, doesn’t make you a jerk. It just makes you savvy, and a recipient of an amazing value.

2. Never be bored

Remember back in the days when it was only kids on cross-country car rides in a Subaru that experienced dramatic onsets of ennui? Thanks in part to our digital boom, we know you social media addicts aren’t immune from it either. Still, you should be able to drum up enthusiasm and some zest for a vacation that comes standard with on-site casinos, nightclubs, cooking and dancing classes and more sports and activities than your local gym. In fact, you might even catch yourself explaining to the flower girl, “Back in my day…”

1. Eat and drink like royalty

Because what is a vacation without our favorite pastime of eating? More specifically, what is a vacation without so much food that you need to be wheeled from your beachside cabana? And we’re not just talking your run-of-the-mill buffets or bland cafes. The new face of destination weddings are in-house Michelin chefs, gastronomic dining programs (a la El Dorado Royale) and cocktail menus that are significantly fancier than that hipster dive bar down the street from you. In short, it’s a foodies’ dream these days at an all-inclusive. Thankfully, you’re invited.

Ready to plan your dream wedding?

Wedding Travel Agents Bring Dreams To Life

We are a destination wedding travel agency based in Bedford, NH – small enough to care deeply about building lasting relationships with you, and large enough to work with couples across the country. Our Destination Wedding travel agents combine their drive for personal service and expertise with resort partnerships around the world. As a result, you are afforded an exclusive and unrivaled one-stop wedding travel agent experience. We're here solely to make it easy for you to plan an amazing destination wedding. Our destination wedding travel agents have worked with many couples like you, and hundreds of guests, to plan destination weddings that make it feel like your dreams have come to life. A Destination Wedding travel agent from Vacationisms will guide you through the destination wedding planning process and make all of the logistics much easier than trying to handle it yourself.

The best part?

Our standard services are $0!

destination wedding travel agent
destination wedding travel agent
destination wedding travel agent

Our no-fee destination wedding travel agent services include:

  • DESTINATION SELECTION: We'll help you cut through the noise to find the best destination wedding location for you. From romantic all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean on the best beaches to the most secluded mountain top retreats, we probably have an idea up our sleeve from our first conversation. Your destination wedding travel agent can give you the inside scoop.
  • WEDDING PACKAGE SELECTION: Your personal destination wedding travel agent can quickly and easily get you all of the details on the best destination wedding packages. Because we specialize in this area, it's easy for us to quickly sort through what you're looking for – because the "best" is different for everyone.
  • CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: We literally do this for a living, and you can rest assured that we know the in's and out's of securing the wedding package best for you. Plus, our destination wedding travel agents have access to exclusive offers that the general public doesn't.
  • ADVICE: We will help you with everything from invitation wording, to destination wedding etiquette and can assist with wedding theme brainstorming.
  • TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: You will have your very own destination wedding web page with all of the important details to provide for your invitees. They can book right online, making the process easy for everyone.
  • EMERGENCY TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: Should anything happen while travel, you will be able to reach a representative 24/7 to assist you quickly and easily. No hold times. No call centers. We take our clients personally, so you get us.
Also Available:
  • ONSITE ASSISTANCE: You can choose to have your destination wedding travel agent join you to provide onsite assistance with last minute details, coordination and resolution of any issues.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY, MAKE-UP & HAIR SERVICES: We work closely with a group of professionals who offer destination wedding services. We have agreements with them to make it affordable to bring in verified professionals.

My wedding travel agent saved my LIFE! I was so overwhelmed when I found Vacationisms that I wasn't even excited for my own wedding anymore. She was so patient with me and so thorough in her recommendations, it turned the entire process around. It took only a week for us to pick the perfect resort, get the contract, and get this wedding booked. She has been crazy responsive and their whole team has been there for us every step of the way.


El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya, Mexico

I thought it would be a great idea to handle it myself – but I was so wrong. I called a Vacationisms destination wedding travel agent after booking our wedding myself because it took less than a month for the whole thing to become so complicated. Our destination wedding travel agent was able to take the reins on all of the minutia for me. My guests love my agent and she made it so easy for all of us. Our wedding would not have been so easy if I had continued handling it myself. These guys are the real deal.


Beaches Resort, Negril, Jamaica

I called before I even proposed. I knew we wanted to take the destination wedding route, but didn't know where to start. Our travel agent was so great at giving me the entire rundown on what to expect before I pulled the trigger. We pulled off the entire planning process over only a 5 month engagement – and it was seamless. I highly recommend working with Vacationisms!


Sandals Emerald Bay, Exuma, Bahamas

Call In A Destination Wedding Specialist.